jmww storySouth Million Writers Awards, upcoming news

Hmm, I can’t believe I forgot to post this!

We are pleased to announce our 2010 Million Writers Award Nominees!

Story 1: “Maki’s Dead” by Kevin Spaide (summer 2009)
Story 2: “The Hotel Marriott, Downtown Brooklyn” by Paula Bomer (fall 2009)
Story 3: “Two Blind Birds” by Kyle Hemmings (fall 2009)

The storySouth Million Writers Award is open to all internet-published work. Like last year, storySouth is accepting donations to fund the award’s cash prizes. Last year there were three prizes: $500 for the overall winner, $200 for the runner-up, and $100 for the honorable mention/third place. For more details about the contest, go here:

Also, stay tuned next week for an interview with Kevin Sampsell, the spring 2010 all-flash issue (edited by Dave Erlewine), and more!


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