REVIEW: To the River by Rose Hunter (reviewed by Patrick Trotti)

To The River by Rose Hunter, Artistically Declined Press (2010), ISBN: 9781450724654

Australian-born poet Rose Hunter’s new poetry collection, To The River, is a compact book that packs quite a punch. Hunter, who is the editor of the online poetry journal YB, displays her plethora of talents in this collection. All the poems, which are grouped, and named, by various U.S. and international countries, produce a cathartic feeling when completed.

Hunter’s skills are evident from the very first line and continue through to the last page. Her poems represent a map for the landscape of our everyday actions. At times simple and others intriguingly complex, Hunter’s wide range of influences are clearly evident throughout as she manages to touch on seemingly every subject possible.

My favorite line from the collection comes from the poem “The Rehersal.”

“The vodka-tinged air rolls over my
shoulder like waves into a rock pool.”

What ultimately makes the collection work, for me, is the fact that Hunter doesn’t seem to try and force her material, or linguistic skill, on the reader. Instead of packing the best poems in the first few pages, like many poets would be prone to do, she manages to let her work breathe, allowing the reader to mature on their journey through the collection.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge poetry fan (nothing personal but I just prefer fiction.) But it’s collections like these that make me think twice about my preconceived notions.

These 92 pages are definitely worth checking out if you get the chance. If not be sure to look for her poems, many of which appeared in various journals, elsewhere. You can read her blog at

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