Reading Is Seeing Is Hearing: “Helloing” produces poetry for all senses

Although many poetry journals publish art to accompany their poetry or even feature podcasts, Helloing, a new journal from Baltimore, is taking their multimedia presence to whole new level—films. The editors, who toil under the labor of love and anonymity, chatted with us about Helloing‘s germinal what its subscribers will see when the journal goes live later this year.

Jen Michalski: Where did you get the idea for this project?

Helloing: We talked about doing something with print, about making poems into objects and then mailing them. We really loved the idea of having something physical. We looked into PO Boxes and everything. Then, I kept having the feeling that I wasn’t being challenged enough by this idea. I’m not in school right now and life is pretty stable (thank goodness) so I have some time to really get into something I’ve never tried. My co-editor is an amazing musician and poet and I wanted to be able to bring these talents to other people. That’s when I came up with the idea about films. We are going to make short non-narrative films that are based on the poems we get from submitters. My partner will provide the music.

JM: Why Helloing?

Helloing: We were doing the old word diving game–opening books to random pages and putting our fingers down on words without looking. My co-editor discovered Helloing. We like how active it is. It has a sort of echo.

JM: What is your artistic relationship with your co-editor? Have you worked on projects previously?

Helloing: I met her at the University of Baltimore (UB). We were both in MFA program. We had several classes together and really hit it off. We haven’t worked on projects outside of UB.

JM: What do you hope that submitters and readers get out of Helloing?

Helloing: We want to make connections between poetry, film, and music. We want those connections to be surprising.

JM: When is the formal launch?

Helloing: We’re planning on a December launch, and we’re currently accepting submissions can go to:

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