Monday Roundup

This week on Karen the Small Press Librarian blog, Karen Lillis interviews Jodi Morrison of Fleeting Pages, the pop-up bookstore that will inhabit the shell of a chain bookstore in Pittsburgh for the month of May 2011, selling small press and
self-published books.

Jodi Morrison states, “The culture of the book is changing so much. You no longer have to have an agent and a contract to publish a book. I’m interested in exploring who is creating books now, and also in questioning who determines our access….Borders and Barnes and Noble aren’t interested in stocking a title that would sell only one copy per store. But to a small or self-publisher, selling 600 or 700 books would be a huge deal.” On the other hand, as a book lover with a wide range of reading tastes, Morrison has great sympathy for the publishers who will be hurt by the chain stores’ downsizing.

jmww editor Robert Vaughan’s microflash “New Wave Vomit” is at 229.

jmww editor Linda Simoni-Wastila’s microflash “Unfiltered” is at The Linnet’s Wings.
There are new issues of decomP (April 2011) and Corium (first anniversary issue) to enjoy.

Steve Himmer’s debut novel, The BEE-LOUD GLADE, is being released today by Atticus Books. Be sure to pick up a copy if you haven’t preordered!

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