Call for Submissions: Thousand Shades of Gray

Jesse Prado and Patrick Trotti cordially invite you to submit your fiction, poetry, and nonfiction to THOUSAND SHADES OF GRAY, a new online literary journal. We see our name as a challenge, a prompt for all artists to take on and try to unearth, and decipher, limitless aspects of gray matter that comprise our everyday life. Our aim is simple: to share wonderful words, words that assault the mind, twist the truth, and examine humanity. We can’t offer pay, we’re not making anything out of this either, but we can offer you the excitement of sharing your words with the world. We want to make something bigger than our individual selves, to create a community where words and ideas are valued and cherished. We hope that you decide to send us something, anything, even an already-published piece. Please submit to our submission manager at:

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