NEWS: Dressing the Throat Plate Available for Preorder

jmww Senior Poetry Editor Jenny Sadre-Orafai‘s new chapbook Dressing the Throat Plate is now available for pre-order at Finishing Line Press:

Bruce Covey says of Dressing the Throat Plate:

Jenny Sadre-Orafai’s Dressing the Throat Plate is a hyper-charged and dazzling (and sometimes dizzying) series of narrative threads that embroiders—with retro patterns—an image of the protagonist (a young mother) onto near-allegorical poetic fabric. The voice is restless, zooming into a seam-ripper with “a bead/the color of blood”; zooming back out again to clever dualisms such as, “she’s never had to ask for so little.” Emotions are both bared and buttoned; the narrative mind wanders and/or obeys all instructions. Sadre-Orafai turns domesticity inside out, redefining cloth as the membrane between self and self, the thing that shields and contains, yet ultimately arms, engenders, and empowers.


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