Preorder Richard Peabody’s Blue Suburban Skies for $7.00!

 jmww contributor Richard Peabody’s collection of short fiction, Blue Suburban Skies (Main Street Rag, October 16, 2012), is available for preorder for only $7.00 until October 2, 2012.

About Blue Suburban Skies: Here are stories that like to stretch the rubber bands of the heart until they break. Stories with a pop sensibility that eat out of your hand, lick your fingers, and then bite you. Peabody pokes fun at suburban dreams, suburban people, and suburban trials and tribulations. But he does it with a smile. Escaping the suburbs is a goal for some, others remain trapped, or must return to consequences. If time doesn’t grind you down, if paranoia doesn’t make you crazy, if love doesn’t crush your spirit, then maybe you have a chance. The same chance whether you’re in New York, the Carolinas, New Mexico, the DC area, or someplace more exotic.

Richard Peabody’s fine collection reminds us of the power-even the quiet grace-that can be found when memorable characters dare to reach out in turbulent times.–Tim Wendel, author of Castro’s Curveball and Summer of ’68


Richard Peabody’s Blue Suburban Skies is a charming, disarming collection of stories of (mostly) men losing and finding their way as they struggle with questions of character: honor, loyalty, family, their place in the world, and the place of art in the world. By turns whimsical, sly, poignant and wise, Blue Suburban Skies could be the American Male’s Guide to Making Sense of It All.–Alma Katsu, author of The Taker

(Please note: Advance orders entitle buyers to a discounted price. It does not mean books will ship prior to the scheduled release date.)

To order, please visit:


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