jmww author Ron Capps profiled in the New York Times

Congratulations, to Ron Capps, author of “Yellow” (jmww, fall 2011 and an honorable mention in the 2

012 Best American Voices), who is profiled in the Feb 3rd edition of The New York Times in the article “Warrior Voices.” Ron’s essay “Yellow” and jmww are mentioned in the print edition!


RON CAPPS sat alone in a truck in a Darfur desert preparing to shoot himself in the head. He had been in the military for 22 years, serving in the Army and working for the Foreign Service in the world’s hot spots, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Sudan and Rwanda. He’d debriefed Iranian terrorists held in Iraq, observed rebel forces and assessed the carnage they’d left behind in Sudan, counted the mass graves of the hundred thousand killed in the civil war in Zaire — and reported all back to Washington. After five wars in 10 years, Mr. Capps had developed post-traumatic stress disorder, and it was killing him.


To read more, go here.



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