Fiction Workshop for Ethnic Writers

SusanBALTIMORE, MD – Writer Susan Muaddi-Darraj (The Inheritance of Exile) is organizing a fiction workshop for emerging and intermediate writers who either 1) belong to a particular ethnic, racial, or cultural group and want to express themselves authentically, or 2) writers who want to write about ethnic, racial or cultural groups other than their own.

The workshop will meet in Towson, MD, for one evening per week for eight weeks, during January-February (cost $400) and will offer writers the opportunity to: 1) workshop three original stories and one revision; 2) discuss articles and readings about the topic of writing ethnicity and race (each person will receive a packet of readings); 3) receive thorough critiques on and suggestions for improving each piece.

Space is limited to six members. Potential members will submit  a 5-10 page writing sample to ensure that the workshop suits their needs.

Please forward the information to anyone who may be interested! Interested members should contact Susan directly. ( or 410-258-0688).

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