2014 Pushcart Nominations

pushcartWe’re thrilled to nominate the following four poems and two stories for the Pushcart prizes and extend congratulations to their authors:

“Northern Lights,” by Brad Efford
“Ecostation for Disposal and Recycling,” by Jane Lin
“The Bone House,” by Christian Gustav Rees
“Troubadour,” by Eve Strillacci.

“Distance” by Elliott Sanders
“Exit” by Shelia Sheila Lamb

Congratulations and admiration also go out to the authors of the poems and stories that were semi-finalists:

“Last Things,” by Roy Bentley
“Labyrinth 17,” by Oliver de la Paz
“Owling,” by James Grinwis
“On the Platform of a Train Station Knee Deep in Fog,” by Camille Hugret
“Southern Heat,” by Kelly McQuain.

“Reflections Upon Learning that Kellerman’s Family Resort Filed for Bankruptcy,” by Tara Laskowski
“What Happens Next,” by Cheryl Diane Kidder

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