Private Online Poetry Workshop with Arthur Vogelsang

The One-On-One Poetry Workshop is for those interested in an in-depth series of email exchanges about their poems between themselves and the workshop leader, poet Arthur Vogelsang. Each week for 8 weeks, the workshop member will submit a different poem, which Vogelsang will critique in a 700- to 750-word e-mail. That week the member will respond in an e-mail of that length or less, or may choose not to respond, then in that week Vogelsang responds to the member. After 8 of these exchanges, one per week, in the 9th week the member writes a 700- to 750-word “conference letter” to Vogelsang, topics initiated by the member, then Vogelsang responds, and finally the member has an opportunity to respond.

As each workshop member’s exchanges are done on an individual, private basis, and there is no group interaction. All levels of writing are welcome, from beginners to poets with a publishing history and all of those between. Any style or content is considered. While admission is competitive, Vogelsang would like a variety of workshop members; therefore, beginning poets are not necessarily competing with all others and are encouraged to apply.

Application to the One-On-One Poetry Workshop is free. Simply submit 3 poems with a brief note about yourself—a professional biography including publications, degrees, and some relevant personal information, if you care to include that. If you are beginning to write poetry, application is by submission of 3 poems with an explanation of why you write, whose poetry you admire, and some relevant personal information if you care to include that.

The first session is February 17 – April 18. The application period is January 13 – 27. Decision on admission by February 3.

Complete information about the One-On-One Poetry Workshop application process, fee policies, and workshop schedules is here:


Arthur Vogelsang has an MA from the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University and an MFA from the Writing Workshops at the University of Iowa. He has taught graduate and undergraduate poetry workshops and literary seminars for the University of Iowa, the Kansas Arts Commission, the University of Nevada, the University of Redlands, and the University of Southern California. Vogelsang was an Editor of The American Poetry Review from 1973 – 2006. Among his six books are Cities and Towns (University of Massachusetts Press), which received the Juniper Prize, and Twentieth Century Women (University of Georgia Press), which was chosen by John Ashbery for the Contemporary Poetry Series. Other awards include three NEA fellowships. Vogelsang has numerous appearances in anthologies such as The Best American Poetry (Scribner), The Pushcart Prize, and American Hybrid (W.W. Norton & Co.)


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