PARALLAX: Speculation by J. Barook

PARALLAX: Seeing the same thing from two different points of view renders three dimensions.

According to Wikipedia, parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. The essays contained in PARALLAX reflect the same displacement. While the shift can be uncomfortable or jarring or even unrecognizable, a new reality is created from the old.

Another colleague was killed last week, stabbed to death by “unknown assailants.” Everybody’s careful not to spread rumors about who killed him or why, considering the politically charged environment in a part of the country with ethnic tension and an election coming up next Valentine’s Day. They put a picture of his punctured body in the newspaper that didn’t look like him at all. He was a sweet guy. Last time I saw him, we were drinking beer after a workshop talking about family. He had a wife and three kids. I had a wife and two. At a certain point, people got up and started dancing and shouting and laughing, people just having a good time. Suppose I should follow their lead and resist speculation as to who killed him or why. Last time this happened, they never caught the killers anyway. I couldn’t get anybody to tell me who they suspected then, either. Eventually I got a pretty good picture after a few late night drinks with folks. That time it had to do with corruption. This time, I’m worried it might be more political. But I shouldn’t speculate. It’s dangerous to speculate. You can make things worse. So I won’t. Anyway, I have no evidence for anything. Just that he was a politically important guy and things have been heating up over there for a while. But I won’t speculate. Anyway, this is just too sad and exhausting.

My wife’s at the gym right now. My three-year old is taking a nap upstairs. My six-year old is outside, playing on the wood pile in his glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirt. Sid the Science Kid is still playing on the TV to an empty living room.

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