jmww Inaugural Chapbook: Jessica Poli’s Glassland

Author_Photo_Jessica_PoliWe’re crazy excited to be in process with Ink Press Productions on designing and printing Jessica Poli’s winning chapbook, Glassland, for our inaugural chapbook competition. Here are a peek at two poems from the chapbook, “[anesthesia]” and “For When the Gold Lights Catch Us,” that were first published in the journal Whiskey Island.

Oliver de la Paz offered this beautiful citation for the work:

The poems in Jessica Poli’s remarkable chapbook, Glassland, are little dioramas. Behind the glass enclosure are heartbeats fraught with all the wonder and despair of loves and losses that have outgrown their housing. A door melts behind a person leaving. The barns are “half-eaten/in the dark.” Somewhere, the “lightning/ connects to the machine.” The poems in Glassland give a sense of the fragility of aquarium glass, and yet the foundations, the flesh, bear up the heavy weight of our humanity.

Happy reading!

Jen and Ashlie

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