Stuff We Like: Ebook Flights

eBookiPhone4Publishing Genius (PGP), the small press run by Adam Robinson, has always excited us, from the broadside project that launched the press in Baltimore in 2006 to Everyday Genius (a daily online magazine that closed its doors in 2014), to Chapbook Genius (e-books that could be printed out and assembled into books), to the actual press (which gave us Shane Jones’ Light Boxes).

And now we are just as excited about Robinson’s new ebook arm, Ebook Flights, available through all major digital media distributors. Described by Robinson as “like a wine tasting or flight of beer, EBook Flights come in batches.” The flights range from 10,000 to 20,000 words, and each batch will feature three books by three writers. Authors in the first batch include Gabe Durham, Lily Hoang, and Bob Schofield.

The conceit of the series might be found in the explanation offered by Robinson of how the ebooks may be read: “If you’re flying from, say, JFK to Dulles, you might just purchase one flight in the series. But if you’re going all the way to LA, you can dig into all three.”

Ebook Flights are set to depart on July 1, and if they’re chosen and collated with the same care Robinson brings to all his projects, we plan on being roundtrip customers.

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