Call for Submissions: Experimental Writing: Volume 1 Africa Vs. Latin America

We are now accepting submissions for the anthology Experimental Writing: Volume 1 Africa Vs. Latin America. Our first rule is: there are no rules to creativity, writing, thinking, feeling, being. Beat the boundaries, bend, them, push them, pull, exaggerate, spread things around, throw the yoke off, blow smoke up, burn it, throw the ashes into the air…just do something new, unique, innovative about your writing. We are not looking for easy reads, writing that blindly follows the rules, writing hammered down, writing the literary establishment forces down our throats as correct, right, and universal. Send us your best experimental, avant-garde or innovative fictions, non-fictions, plays, poetry, mixed genres… in 2 languages: English and Spanish. Send work in only one genre of your choice!

Poetry (3 poems per poet, each poem must not be more than 40 lines)

Prose, plays and mixed genres (I piece per writer, of not more than 5000 words)

Accepted entries will be translated into either Spanish or English, thus we will be publishing two books for this volume, one in Spanish and the other in English. These books will be published by two different publishers, the English volume by an African publisher (preferable), and the Spanish volume by a Spanish Latin American publisher (preferable)

Work must be sent in only one attached document, also include your contact details in this document, i.e., Postal address, Tel no, Email address and a bio note of not more than 100 words.

Please sent your entries to both Tendai R. Mwanaka at and Ricardo Felix Rodriguez at

Closing date for entries is February 29, 2016

We will not be offering contributors free copies due to financial constraints but contributors will benefit immensely through promotion of their work into new markets

Please adhere to submission guidelines, failure of which we will discard your entries without reading them.

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