Call for Submissions: Full Bleed journal

Full Bleed aspires to feed the passions and curiosities of contemporary artists, designers, illustrators, and critics.

Launching in Spring 2017, the new critical journal will offer an intellectually diverse forum for insight and argument about art and aesthetic experience, visual and material culture, and design. It is a project of Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore. This call for submissions is open to all.

We seek essays, polemics, belle lettres, design, and artwork from contributors around the world. We are partial to criticism that emanates personality, plays with form, and casts an aesthetic spell of its own. We encourage contrarian argument on fundamental questions of value. We also invite rumination on the art-making life and creativity.

For our inaugural issue we are especially interested in artwork and criticism that concerns migration, exile, and statelessness. Send us writing and works about homelands lost and found, the movement of peoples (past, present, and future), or work that explores these and related themes.

For submission guidelines and more information, go here.


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