Wigleaf Top 50 and Longlist Honors!

We’re proud to have so many of our contributors’ stories in jmww recognized in this year’s wigleaf Top 50 and longlist:

Top 50

Tara Laskowski, “The Jar,” JMWW (August 2016)


Paul Beckman, “Another Day at the Office,” JMWW (August, 2016)

Johnathan Cardew, “Over Soju,” JMWW (August, 2016)

Antonia Crane, “It Breathes Between Our Fingers,” JMWW (September, 2016)

Kathy Fish, “Pure, Hydrogenated Love,” JMWW (November, 2016)

Deborah Henry, “Musings of Sister Paulinas,” JMWW (October, 2016)

Kona Morris, “Boxes,” JMWW (May, 2016)

David Steward, “The Ecstasy of Communication,” JMWW (July, 2016)

And a big congrats to our flash fiction editor Becca Borawski Jenkins on her piece, “The Velociraptors,” first published in Citron Review (December 22, 2016)