Fiction Submissions Re-Open January 1st!

Cheers to 2018! We are excited to reopen our fiction submissions on January 1, 2018. Start out the new year with an acceptance from jmww!

You can check our our full guidelines here for all submissions categories, including flash, poetry, essays, interviews, book reviews, and Mix Tape submissions. For fiction, we accept works up to 15 pages double spaced, although 3000 words or fewer usually catches our eye and because, Internet. We like strong characters whose motivations are not always known to us but can be explained within the confines of common sense. We like surprise endings but not gimmicky ones. Any genre is accepted as long as the story is well-crafted. We LOVE LOVE LOVE great first lines. Draw us in and make us want more.


Check out some of the fiction we published in 2017:

Skyfari” by Aaron Jacobs

Aiming for Ashtas” by Jed Wyman

Point Zero” by John Barry

Best wishes for 2018 and happy writing

The Editors at jmww


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