Flash Fiction: LifeColor Indoor Latex Paints® – Whites and Reds by Kristen Ploetz



Hospital Light – AR101

Doctor’s Coat – AR102

Swaddle – AR103

Midnight Feed – AR104

Nonna’s Smile – AR105


First Year

Burp Cloth – FY201

First Tooth – FY202

Lost Lamby – FY203

Slice of Moon – FY204

Birthday Cake – FY205



Sidewalk Chalk – CH301

Undertow (formerly Riptide) – CH302

Dandelion Fuzz – CH303

Broken Femur – CH304

Vanilla Cone – CH305



32AA – AD401

All-Star Laces – AD402

Mother’s Best Sheets – AD403

Bleach – AD404

Levonorgestrel 0.75mg (formerly Morning After) – AD405


Young Adult I

Favorite T-Shirt –YA501

Beer Foam – YA502

Piña Colada – YA503

Benzoylmethylecgonine – YA504

Academic Dismissal – YA505


Young Adult II

Escitalopram 10 mg – YA506

Whitecaps – YA507

Full Dress Whites – YA508

Honorable Discharge – YA509

Size 10 Envelope – YA510


Middle Age

Latte (formerly Waitress Apron) – MA601

Rolling Papers – MA602

Lab Results – MA603

Silicone (Textured) – MA604

Jib Sail – MA605


Senior Years

Empty Pillow – SY701

Bichon Frise – SY702

Broken Hip – SY703

Windowpane – SY704

Soup of the Day – SY705



Sissy’s Handkerchief – DE801

Hospital Blanket – DE802

Knuckles – DE803

Nurse’s Sleeve – DE804

Clock Face – DE805




Gumball – LN101

Cardinal – LN102

Lost Balloon – LN103

Bicycle – LN104

Skinned Knee – LN105


Live + Leap

Drugstore Valentine – LI201

Menarche – LI202

Rum Punch – LI203

First Bite (formerly Hickey) – LI204

Popped Cherry – LI205



Heart-Shaped Box – LV301

Matching Tattoos – LV302

Push-Up Bra – LV303

Poppy Bouquet – LV304

Dog-Eared Dostoevsky – LV305



 Beer Pong Cup – LS401

2009 Chevy Impala – LS402

4-Way Stop – LS403

Tail Light – LS404

Myocardial Contusion – LS405



Bloodshot – LA501

Slit Wrist – LA502

Ruby Slippers – LA503

Venlafaxine Hydrochloride 150 mg – LA504

Nana’s Patchwork Quilt – LA505


Lust + Lie

 Stiletto – LU601

Pouty Lip (formerly Lipstick) – LU602

Satin Tie – LU603

Wife’s Scream – LU604

Blocked Call – LU605


Leave + Land

Cat Eye Frames – LE701

Laser Removal – LE702

Sublet Kitchen – LE703

Subway Seat – LE704

Potted Geraniums – LE705


Kristen M. Ploetz is a writer living in Massachusetts. Her work has been published (or is forthcoming) with Lost Balloon, FIVE:2:ONE Magazine, Harpoon Review, Crack the Spine, (b)OINK zine, Gravel, Maudlin House, and elsewhere. She is currently working on a YA novel and a collection of short stories. You can find her on the web (www.kristenploetz.com) and Twitter (@KristenPloetz).

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