The Taste: October 22, 2019

An interview with Raksha Vasudevan at Carve Magazine

Seven women writers reveal their storytelling passions

Coming out in the home of the brave

Five ways to set a scene

Station Eleven adaptation news


Calls for Submissions

Writers Digest Popular Fiction Awards (deadline November 4, 2019)

Literary rejection horror stories (deadline October 28, 2019)




One response to “The Taste: October 22, 2019

  1. October 10/ 22/ 2019 Dear Noemi,
    Miss you so…got a coffee today barely keep my eyes open so tired & not ‘’ just ‘’ depression anymore
    Almost wanted to ley asleep by your gravestone,
    someone talk about mental problems today & descriptive as not licking the windows,
    now 29 yrs. Old &
    – picked a rock/stone to put on your gravestone -Nov. 7th death day..
    Found accounted two weep, before I went off along
    No matter tisse of things always
    You can stay before they address return
    Felt like giving my sleeve – that could also been
    Estranged Sis Karli
    Noticed this piss ass cranky girl-friend treated one horribly
    Could it have been Steven Ban or DeGeneres: voices talk as I : rapid sleepy head
    Banters flee: pushing mid morns coffee in my face
    One care-aides Brian does not think
    Wonna leave & go near else not questioning: books I’ve ripping; torn: this cubes obtuse barring from children’s trash
    Em: emo Emily thought
    Wait… Not aside mum anymore
    Had I turned back time- the more beautiful you would have been
    Remembering all you’ve done Thought about naming my unborn Daughter after you; Noemi Eilish Wells, knowing this dark/light Hungarian Holocaust Survivor
    She was jousted, a life today’s readers take everything for granted,
    Ever seen horrifying pain
    English roots. I shell return due bootless commendare,
    Looking for care prior host
    not even Julie Andrews could talk better of me as well, the sons name: Ison J Williams- Heard “the bane of my existence.” Bedlam
    Hows those Asylums creating blow
    Figuring with silmiler war hero’s: few left breathing
    You’ve been through all wars
    Autumn, May 8th 1945 peace was declared- 57 , dearie’’ 80
    1928 Hitler Norway- Denmark’’ England,, phony war– German European allies roast me later…
    D:light-ful of your abroad
    E: energetic kids holocaust zombie ghost story must fly like jk Rowling & jaws wire
    G: greatful wake me from the dead
    E: empty
    N: needing
    R: roasting
    E: endless
    S: simply full clout

    Noemi Ban whom I’ve kept in memory her ‘’ stamp- number was #62928 A public speaker
    yet not just from Bellingham: ran frightened in Hungry
    Born in Sept & died June 7th 2019
    Life was more vivid & as well shelters for protection
    allies showed later joy state-ring You Are free
    Aged 84 or 96 or so now & then – A Jewish sematary visited 3-4 timex


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