Poetry Submissions Opening Soon!

We’re setting the table to feast on your work! Poetry submissions will reopen on All Saints’ Day, Friday, November 1st. Watch this space this week for an update on our submission guidelines re. number of poems and submission periods and also to meet our new poetry team!



2 responses to “Poetry Submissions Opening Soon!

  1. Enjoy the rest of my life… I’m not aloud to – surprise everyone’s angry for no reason

    Oct.10-28th-19 Lord Willing & The Creek Don’t Rise

    Chapter One
    ”June falling” October Limits
    Waking up to the terror screams as heard in the movie, Names voicing’’: Hottie ‘’Leim Shendlers List,:! don’t preach these broken nights, days craved out- brought together by yearning memory — don’t you reserve in cowardice echos of terror screaming, Hungarian vs. Irish whom pain suffrage.
    words- one night in late Sept I found her imprisoned Holocaust number #62928 She only writes in late evening,
    Obsession vs. Holocaust 28 Mon. Oct, Istvan  resembled Noemi
    Thunder roars & leafs fall
    We resemble
    Pouring allies familiar game, recording everything & strange soup that would stop mensuration… Upcoming movies: American Dharma – your stories driven & anger weeping, echos of Was that a dream, the screams? she wakes up in a night sweat. all out war breaks among our hill mond And then the scream came from the other room- the appearing mockery call all Hellos eve, rotting pumpkins rise yrs.
    Final decade, Germans must attack striking midnight. Mussolini – came hungry & unprepared…Ruffled feathers, peak pie:The German language was so real. does nothing to ease the sting of your lashes… “Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.”
     The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre – SJAC Old mossy book, weathered and tattered when opened in {Helvetica camp}.
    The wind picked after the book was opened and the sparks from the swaying cable lines lit up up the dark sky.
    Monorail was named after our book of allies who fought & served us well.
    As no Jewish person would ever refer to the “Jewish of 1939 – 1945″, so another book no Irish person ought ever refer to the Irish allies Holocaust as a famine. Continue.
    Chicago Mole who hurt the Irish Home & Abroad. Whistling ‘’ White Flag ‘’ by Dido
    Walking on snow shifting ground entering forced castellated aerobics -human glass – School named Sais hidden among jungle trees in VE Australia, leading up with no stoning discrimination
    The British Hero of the Holocaust & final chapter rejoicing each befriended release
    award a special national United Kingdom in recognition of British citizens who assisted in rescuing victims of the Welsh Boston tea party-
    leading towards a fork in the road titled. choi jin-ri, a candle-lit dinner arose in the dead of night – ending 2019
    Kuvasz definition, one of a Hungarian zombie breed
    reaching an outlet phone { candles burning luring missing children } friends work harder talking Irish code only, stereotypes & devils horn zombie, Apostolic Spinsterhood Created by Howie Mandle after resetting his zombie jaw back together. Schickelburg – Hitler’s real name he was stubborn ass ” Roth-child” meaning rich; who excuse they administer don’t think.” Cassiopeia lead the dance under the dark skies Love of my life
    while waiting for Krampus: imp ruined Hate to you? Near
    Everyone brought pads, tampons and used them to decorate the trees while listening to Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish. “in a state” Strange addiction nettle EEJIT gob began to play as the shadows danced among the trees.
    Haunted pantry contained the remains of Freddy Mercury.
    So when Cassiopeia reached for the pickled brains,four instant jabs plus the distant sound of I want to Break Free whistled through the leaves in a state outdatedMumsnetgob.
    Radio gaga je ne sais quoi. Was chanted by the locker.
    The show must go on with the sea of sour milk.
    See Inside Italy’s Ghost Villages, roads known called “City of Toys.”Waking up to the terror screams as heard in the movie, Was that a dream, the screams? The German language sounded so close and real. does nothing to ease the sting of your lashes… Alotta tempers whisper : Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county Nyírbátor, Kingdom of Hungary, Hill of Crosses, explore the Parisian underworld.


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