The Taste: November 5, 2019

There’s no substitute for print.

Elena Ferrante has a new novel.

The Americans who travel to Britain to live like Jane Austen.

Ten useful skills for working as a bookseller.

Nonfiction from Neal W. Fandek at the Loch Raven Review


Calls for Submissions

Sundress Publications (full-length short story manuscripts; deadline December 31, 2019)

The Destroyer (ongoing)


One response to “The Taste: November 5, 2019

  1. thus is better then what I read… Oct 10-30th-19 Thankx, peace be with you

    A friend maybe;
    Dangling those keys (for my eyes crash & burn)
    Irish Jews must kinder
    Memories, laws pass ‘97
    Noemi Ban #62928 — 4010 Auschwitz, Birkenau,ghetto imprisonment number {Hungarian-born American Jew}
    Language tough, Sayonara MaMa Je’t”aime
    ( Japanese – noun remark adieu, good- bye Acknowledge, arriverderci)…
    Smells like rain
    Scales I break
    I’ll bite my lips twice
    Allies walk before voices yonder
    She turned & said what spoiled little Bitch for when I hear this
    A coded catastrophic letter
    I don’t owe a dime

    “I love life, “ Ban would say. “I do not hate. If I would have hate in me right now, I would be the prisoner of my own hate, and I want to be free.”

    Read more here:


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