Poetry: Photography by Chris Mason


Masons at Mt Rushmore

The Masons at Mt. Rushmore

Leave old Sappho book
open to water-color poems
     outside overnight
to be photographed at dawn.

Disposable camera
left on dashboard during meteor storm
     has handprints
of Solar System.

Small girl in photograph with grandparents
on dock at lake
     holding their hands
got married Saturday in their absence.

35-millimeter cameras
around necks of
     family members at Mt. Rushmore,

Pictured in National Geographic,
Silver mine workers;
     gathering on Google,
Lithium and Yttrium miners.

Photobook of social situations
with social captions
     to teach social skills
where knowledge of other minds is weak.

Camera perches on top of mountain,
flies alongside migratory birds,
     clicking, chirping
f-stop,    f-stop,    f-stop,   f-stop.

Leave box of Dad’s notepads in garden;
leave box of daughters 3rd grade journals in tree-house;
     let sunlight and chlorophyll permeate pages;
bring boxes inside.

Chris Mason a Baltimore poet, author of Hum Who Hiccup (narrow House, 2011) and Where To From Out (Furniture, 2013), and a member of 3 bands: The Tinklers, Old Songs, and Coocoo Rockin Time.

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