Congrats to Ron Reikki, LongReads Pick of the Week!

Congratulations to Ron Reikki, whose story “People” in jmww was selected as Longform’s Pick of the Week!

We live in post-apocalyptic Detroit.  Our apocalypse was in 2013, when Chapter 9 happened; I found it odd that the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in United States history sounds like just another chapter in a long book.  My brother says Chapter 10 will be a Jim Caldwell Super Bowl appearance.  Chapter 11 will be aliens landing in Flint.

My brother disagrees with me though, saying the apocalypse actually happened in 2008, when the Lions went win-less on the season.  If that’s the case, then the original Detroit Armageddon was 1942, when they went 0 for 11.

We’ve been seeing the world differently ever since our father told us we’re Sámi.


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