Wigleaf Top 50 Longlist Honors

Big congrats to Tyler Barton, Allison Kade, Jeff Landon, Holly Pelesky, and Andrew Stancek, whose stories in jmww made the longlist for the Wigleaf top 50!

Barton, Tyler, “The Grand Am,” JMWW, (November 6, 2019)

Kade, Allison, “Yoga,” JMWW, (April 12, 2019)

Landon, Jeff, “Cage,” JMWW, (September 4, 2019)

Pelesky, Holly, “Anne Who Isn’t Doreen,” JMWW (August 28, 2019)

Stancek, Andrew, “Cleansing,” JMWW, (February 20, 2019)


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