One response to “Poetry Is Open for Submissions!

  1. – Meek,
    death I see
    Voglio Scoparti ) Ninotchka – what’s love got to do with it? seasons of’.. mouths of grief ran, vagally sarcastic
    had rousingly been a – I thy quoth. Truths not attritive– stomach, modal, curves –

    I have scars { some people love } A-75190
    A-25060 cyanide.. some hate
    – Yes!, wham…
    creak.. screak…” Quiet ”!
    plotting packed fallow be valid- plea, crazy! I say random
    thirty! foreigh na ntte, don’t get my hair done

    tell her dark thoughts – monsters – can’t entertain
    she’ll be all alone in the summer
    mountains in the winds, lyrics prison had, what fore boy, kid…
    { tutored bound }
    young thing ( mean evil hand )
    49 committed suicide. – beat, slam, prose, rhythm, challenges raisen
    um…, lame and immature
    ( semimatrix ) laughs then echo:
    6-19-20 be…
    creak… scream… screak… Quite… its yelling portrait, strange yesterday
    lights fade , Eeyore her nickname is – eyes glowing, ghosts say maybe,
    old n’ wise – apologize change
    poems, stories did you hurt like another
    chilling, justice, voices lives touch,
    wait shell burn
    A ghost inside- 5-11- disclosed.. Post Block No block selected.
    Open publish panel – someone pretend

    post ,Document– change


    No block selected.
    Open publish panel


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