Poetry: A Tangle of Cornflowers by Mureall Hebert

imagine us touching,
tracing paths through keloid patches of history,
kinetic whorls, landmines,
dipping fingers in scars.
hidden is not the same as denied.

organs swell in the grumble of backhoes
excavating sunken gardens.
liver is as liver does.
fire away
you miner, you digger.

my breath is the sea breeze that sinks to the land.
my belly blooms ripe and heavy.
my ribs form tectonic plates,
my heart a mountain.

i am the microvilli,
the choroid plexus,
corpuscles in sallow veins.
chalky fragments.
do you see me disassembled?

bind your thoughts to the knobs of my spine.

Mureall Hebert holds an MFA from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. Her work can be found in Hobart, [PANK], Pithead Chapel, decomP, Bartleby Snopes, and elsewhere. She’s earned a Best New Poets and a Pushcart Prize nomination. She lives near Seattle, WA, with her family. You can find Mureall online @mureallhebert

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