Poetry: What Woman by Hannah Mindl Gittler

I wonder what woman my mother would be
If she could
In penn station or on the train
Huddled over a newspaper with legs crossed
Or back bent over a long day fingers folded eyes closed
Would she hurry to get a coffee and sigh on the line
I know my mother then
There would be coffee

Would she wear all black like I know she would
Or long leather boots hidden under skirt
My mother
Would she tie her hair up or tighten her belt
Staring up with the others at the bright colored board
Slick her hands in her back pockets
Or fiddle with her rings
Play her shirt sleeves like a mandolin

That woman eating soup standing by the garbage can
That is someones mother

Would she plug her ears with Callas
Or sneak Miller in her leather bag
Would she be like I am

Hannah Mindl Gittler is a Jewish woman living in the Catskill Mountains.

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