Small Gratitudes

A weekly, non-exhaustive list (curated by Steven Genise) of the experiences that make us human.


I’ve discovered a new pleasure, now, in the initial weeks of this new year, the tail end of a year of isolation. Colored tapered candles. I’d never bought them before. But I saw them hanging on a wall, lined up in their families of hues creating a soft rainbow. I couldn’t resist. The candles came in the mail, wrapped like delicate porcelain. I dug up the old hand me down candle sticks from my mother in law. Sage green, dirt red, cream sticks make way for a new ritual, a new year.—Rebecca Grossman-Kahn, writer


I’m grateful for both spiritual and community guidances, they bring me immense warmth and comfort even through a terrifying time.—Monyee Chau, artist


My mom’s dog still hopping with glee when he gets to walk and lay his massive head on my chest.  Blaring train horns echoing throughout the Monongahela Valley.  That I’m becoming a rookie bike mechanic in my basement and that I know how to take things apart and reassemble them.  For quiet mornings of contemplation, coffee and tea steam that opens the lungs, and window lighting that promises spring’s return.  For the finale to Gustav Mahler’s Second Symphony. For frequent stress baking. And that you, dear reader, if you’ve lasted this long are here, gliding your eyes across my words—Paul L. Fields Jr, actor



Steven Genise is an author and editor based in Seattle.  He loves reading about all the things you’re grateful for.  If you’d like to be included, email him at or DM him on Twitter @StevenGenise.


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