Poetry: Smoke by Keko Prijatelj

A grey drunk with a sporty smile
Tells you about things that could be done
Actions, vivid images, because there’s life
In you and around sharp colours
Forming an insult but you’re not a coward

A grey drunk buys you a drink
He insists, he’s buying the qualities
That can’t be unseen a drink
You can’t hide, you’re listening to a story
An entity brings comfort and old age

Smoke fulfils the room, it dims
The colours, the smiles, contrasts, surplus
Sprinkles ancient magic of one on all

You exit. Fog
Bliss on the path of a birthing sun

Keko Prijatelj is from Split, Croatia. Beside several regional magazines, her work has been published in Expat, Maudlin House, Misery Tourism, The Racket, and The Writing Disorder.

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