Small Gratitudes

A weekly, non-exhaustive list (curated by Steven Genise) of the experiences that make us human.


“I drive home from work at twilight, as the suns slips below the horizon and the sky transitions from soft golden to gentle blue. Even the sounds of the cars on the highway seem muted in the faint light. This is the most peaceful, quiet moment of my entire day.”—Jamie Etheridge, author


“For the extra minutes of sunlight each day, for the loving pug that demands my attention when I take a screen break and while I’m working.  For a husband that is able to relieve my anxiety and who reminds me to get outside and spend some time in the fresh air.  For the home projects that get me hopeful about the future”—Anne Judkis, architect



Steven Genise is an author and editor based in Seattle.  He loves reading about all the things you’re grateful for.  If you’d like to be included, email him at or DM him on Twitter @StevenGenise.

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