Poetry: Five Senses Aren’t Enough in Kansas by Kiffany Trevithick

Some of the best smells, you see
Mint around the corner
choking the wood logs with its envy,
pine needles begging to be stepped on
married in the gazebo but first
move the pinecones,
collect the acorns,
We run across the way
Beneath the raspberry bushes and cherry trees,
Squish a raspberry between your fingers
Let the red juice stain your face
Tart and bitter, not quite ready
Around the garden by the pottery building,
under the spider webs,
those big Kansas spiders
Waiting to have fun
with the children in the yard
Follow the path,
when you’re young it’s soaked
With mystery and adventure
Everything seems bigger than it actually is
Where are you kids going!??
Come help in the pottery shop
Slam the heavy door
It’s dark and cool inside,
Cool keeps the clay ready and smooth
Old, graceful, and hardworking hands
Grandpa holds the molds and
Displays them with pride
Big red rubber bands embrace the cool clay
It touches my tongue and tastes good
Holding, touching and tasting that clay, but
These molds are for Grandma
For the ceramic shop, be careful
The new pottery,
clean those lines,
sand, dust, and sponge those lines
like this, with the sharp edge
clean it up nice
Dry brush paint and make glorious
Kiln. Hot. Don’t go near it, don’t touch!
We are waiting, as kids
how long do we wait?
Days pass and then, finally
A masterpiece.
It is black and gold and faint shimmery matte
and it is beautiful.
Beautiful and subdued
Displayed in glass.
The door opens, the bell rings
A new voice erupts
Staticky Buddy Holly plays
In the background
Cold glass orange soda top pops off
From the old coin soda machine by the radio
We wash dirty brushes in the bathroom
paint splats stain the sink
Pinks grays blues and blacks
in a clever pattern
Those exact colors in that exact order
They cleverly stain that sink like they own it
Making you want more
The smell of wet brushes and squeezing out sponges
Muddy pastel water stains my clean cup
Sight and sound and touch aren’t enough
I taste the tips of the wet brushes
Cool and murky, and
my tongue remembers

Kiffany Trevithick is an independent freelance writer located in Denver, Colorado, channeling business through her newly pandemic-created company rockymountainfreelance.com. She has left her healthcare job of 25 years to pursue her passion in writing. While studying to be a professional grant writer, she frequently submits poetry online and has successfully debuted  at JMWW.  Her hobbies include writing, volunteering and enjoying all that Colorado outdoors has to offer.

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