Small Gratitudes

A non-exhaustive list of the things that make us human

“It is, in so many ways, hard to whittle down what I would want to state the most. I have much to be grateful for—buying a house, getting the vaccine, my impending completion of graduate school. However, I think the thing that I am most grateful for, if I put a little thought into it, is my newer financial ability to purchase artwork from artists—the ones who aren’t in major galleries, or in a million shows. The artists who don’t get mainstream news coverage—the ones who aren’t Beeple and selling NFTs. The ones who work in their homes and cramped studio spaces, doing the things they love because they love it, much like myself—an artist who creates to create. I am grateful to be able to purchase their art, just as I am grateful for whoever might choose to purchase my own.”—Elijah Davis, artist


“I’m grateful for so many things during the pandemic: healthy family and friends, my quarantine partner, and a work-from-home job. But lately, I’ve been especially grateful to have writing as a creative outlet. As an Asian American woman, the past year has left me feeling powerless to help my community. Through my stories, I celebrate my culture unabashedly and write my own narrative about what it means to be American. I also get to play with fantastical creatures like nine-tailed foxes and mythical goddesses like Chang-e, who make me feel less alone in the world. It’s always nice to reconnect with my inner child.” —Karen Lin

Steven Genise is an author and editor based in Seattle. He loves reading about all the things you’re grateful for. If you’d like to be included, email him at or DM him on Twitter @StevenGenise.



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