Small Gratitudes

A non-exhaustive list of the things that make us human.

“As the weather starts to warm, farmers markets are starting to open back up for the summer.  This weekend was the first of the season, in celebration of May Day, that our town closed its main streets to traffic for family farmers, small craft vendors, and food trucks to take over.  With the outdoor restaurant seating having replaced most of the street parking, it’s the most vibrant the town has felt in a long time.”—Joanna Lawrence, actress and playwright


“My mother finally disbanded herself from her toxic marriage. I also managed to disentangle myself from my own complacency, from almost a decade of substance abuse. I always bear this in mind: The first draft of a story rarely looks anything like the final draft. And this is how I see life in general. I’m grateful to be alive. I’m grateful for the ineffable joys of writing and most of all, for my mother.”—Sbusiso Mnguni, writer

Steven Genise is an author and editor based in Seattle.  He loves reading about all the things you’re grateful for.  If you’d like to be included, email him at or DM him on Twitter @StevenGenise.

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