Poetry: Painters by Michael Caylo-Baradi

Photo by Erik Mclean

My boy & I are going for it again.

We want to paint the city
with horizons burning in our minds.

It’s our second weekend
since we split each other’s lips,

to instigate a bleeding we both
had to hear.

That night, we dived into

& bathed the moon with language
bubbling with toxicities.

It all started on a trivial thing,
while thinning gin,

a door into a symptom
we’ve maneuvered

like the doughnuts we perform
on intersections

to impress ourselves
on Instagram.

We like to frame the fuzziness
of love,

within the ecstasies of
game and play.

We choreograph & dress ourselves
with codes

around the joysticks of our

Michael Caylo-Baradi is an alumnus of The Writers’ Institute at the Graduate Center (CUNY). His work has appeared or is forthcoming at The Adirondack Review, Across The Margin, Hobart, Kenyon Review Online, The Common (Dispatch), Eunoia Review, New Pages, Ink Sweat & Tears, and elsewhere. His first chapbook, Hotel Pacoima, will be released later this year by Kelsay Books.

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