Poetry: Phantoms by Michel Krug

Phantoms of a post
pandemic opera
we stroll across kitchens
into dens
before screens as if
on space stations
where we’re jettisoned
to view
the certainty of
uncertainty as
we plot the return orbit
and splash down
to invoke nostalgia
but still worried about
the kisses of death.

Michel Krug is a Minneapolis poet, fiction writer, former print journalist, Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars graduate, and Managing Editor for Poets Reading the News (PRTN) literary magazine. His poems have appeared in Dash, Mikrokosmos, New Verse News, North Dakota Quarterly, Eclectica, Writers Resist, Mizmor Anthology 2019, PRTN, Sheepshead, Ginosko, Door Is A Jar, Raven’s Perch, Poetry24, Main Street Rag, and the Brooklyn Review with poems forthcoming in Crack the Spine, Cagibi, and the St. Paul Almanac.

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