Poetry: Noteless by Danielle Shorr

today is the guilt of getting better / the distance of weeks
your unbelonging / the expansion of space consumed in the after
consider many things before intention / then of course, intention
think the noose of maybe / dose of obvious knowing
wonder the gap in the closets rack / when it became thought for possibility
a place to hang things turned fantasy of gravity / of rooftop and physics certain
a pictured pendulum / the elegant dance of sway
elsewhere taunting an unknown / you so wanted to know
curiosity / the wave that spins and salts and swallows the body
that island thought distant / now a place for settling
how close the hands had come to shore / before deciding to stay
how close the hands once were / that are now not hands at all

Danielle (she/her) is an MFA alum and professor of disability/queer rhetoric at Chapman University. She has a fear of commitment in regard to novel writing and an affinity for wiener dogs. Her work has been published by Lunch Ticket, Vassar Review, Hobart, Split Lip, Redivider, etc. and is forthcoming in The New Orleans Review.

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