Poetry: The Ain’t Gettin Any Younger by Matthew Klane

Dunno about you but

you got some upsetting medical news, and you
think it’s fun to play Led Zep riffs on piano, and you
have been really really *really* kind of reeling due to
so much rain, and you have way too many pears on your plate
right now, and you like and share and very much appreciate
everyone’s pet pictures and pretty great short stories like
Hills like white noise like white noise, and your
ankles are so swollen they’re like geological formations,
and you sleep on a wooden plank each night (for health purposes),
and you drink your entire body weight in bourbon each night
(for health purposes), and you shouldn’t teach
first year composition (for health purposes), and you,
you’re on fire, and your front door opens/closes to another
front door, and your podcast is called
My Dearest Childhood,

I’m 14
at least once
ask me anything

Matthew Klane’s books include Hist (w/ James Belflower, Calamari Archive 2022), Canyons (w/ James Belflower, Flimb Press 2016), Che (Stockport Flats 2013) and (Stockport Flats 2008). An e-chapbook from Of the Day is online at Delete Press, an e-book My is online at Fence Digital, and a chapbook Poetical Sketches is available from The Magnificent Field. See: matthewklane.com.

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