Introducing Our Fiction Editor for March: Rachel Farber

March’s fiction editor is Rachel Farber!

This month’s reader for fiction is Rachel Farber!

Rachel’s Story

I wrote a novel in June 2016. I wrote it again the following summer. Again, in March 2020… Again, again, again since then. I’m not sure what revision I’m on now, but each time I revisit these pages, I’m reinvigorated, energized to write. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in writing communities through JMWW, workshops, and friends. I’m grateful for the endless opportunities to connect with writers and learn about their work.

Rachel’s Wishlist

Fiction with smells, silences, body language, surprising turn of events, strong characters, rhythm. Stories about women and gender-expansive people, stories that take up space in the present, stories with bursts that express the comedy of being alive and human.

Editor Ethos

Editing is an opportunity to feel surprised and excited, to sharpen the point, and to make sure characters’ voices and desires are heard.

Submit your work to Rachel here. Submissions will be open from March 5th to March 19th.

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