Please go to our Submittable site for specific category guidelines and to submit work.

jmww is a literary journal publishing fiction, flash, poetry, essays, interviews, and other miscellany weekly. We are happy you found us!

We want to see your work, but don’t be all stalkerish. No previously published work, please. We want to be your first. Also, please wait one month after acceptance or rejection to submit again. We love you, but we need our “me” time, too.

Fiction and CNF: We accept works up to 15 pages double spaced, although 3000 words or fewer usually catches our eye. We like strong characters whose motivations are not always known to us but can be explained within the confines of common sense. We like surprise endings but not gimmicky ones. Any genre is accepted as long as the story is well-crafted. We have no requirements on nonfiction/essays except that they are cogent and are less than 5000 words. We are also interested in “flash” nonfiction 1500 words or fewer.

Flash Fiction: We like our flash under 1500. Please read our last few issues to get an idea of our tastes. We also *love* the anthologies Sudden Fiction and New Sudden Fiction, edited by Robert Shapard; they are our Bible for flash fiction. Please read them if you haven’t.

Poetry: Please submit up to 3 poems of no more than two pages each that give us an idea of your voice and poetic strengths. We aim to publish poetry that contains solid, riveting images, is emotionally complex, and that yields meaning beyond what is merely personal, thus having implications for others and/or society. We do not publish religious-themed poetry unless there is a marked reason for including such images or references in a poem. We admire poetry that makes an impact, whether soft or brash, that is felt in the body while reading, that is thoughtful and carefully wrought. Although we tend toward publishing free verse poems, those that use form, repetition, and rhyme scheme with unique purpose and talent are welcome, as are experimental poems if they are emotionally resonant, in addition to being intellectual or analytic. When submitting, do not include any identifying information on the pages of your submission. We do not accept any previously published work, even if published on your personal blog or social media page. Our submission periods for poetry are March/April, July/August, and November/December of each year. Only one submission per author per period, max.   

Interviews: Got an author you’d love to share with the world? Contact our person for things, Jen Michalski ( with your pitch (and a sample of your previous work). In fact, Jen would like to hear all of your ideas, for columns, for essays on craft or inspiration, your dreams, big and small, your superhero or stripper name.