We offer print anthologies of the best of previous issues and poetry chapbooks:

COVER_JMWW_KINDLE_3Now available in print and Kindle! jmww (2013-2022): A Modern Times Anthology

Our last decade in one big volume! Featuring Oliver de la Paz, Temim Fruchter, Davon Loeb, Donald Berger, and more!

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Past issues:

jmww anthology I (best of our 2006 issues): $5.00 USD–SOLD OUT!
Featuring Dave Housley, Rafael Alvarez,Nathan Leslie, and more!

jmww anthology II (best of our 2007 issues): $7.00 USD–SOLD OUT!
Featuring Savannah Schroll Guz, Rafael Alvarez, Nathan Leslie, Christian Rose, and more!

jmww anthology III (best of our 2008 issues): $7.00 USD–SOLD OUT!
Featuring Jessica Anya Blau, Bryan S. Wang, Jimmy Chen, Sean Lovelace, and more!

jmww anthology IV (best of our 2009 issues): $7.00 USD–SOLD OUT!
Featuring Roxane Gay, Paula Bomer, Meg Pokrass, Jac Jemc, Heather Fowler, Justin Hamm, Kyle Hemmings, and more!

jmww anthology V (best of our 2010 issues):  $10.00 USD–SOLD OUT!
Featuring Matt Bell, Kim Chinquee, Brian Evenson, Lily Hoang, Joanna Howard, Jamie Iredell, Norman Lock, Rober Lopez, Teresa Svoboda, and more!

jmww anthology VI (best of our 2011 issues): $10.00 USD–SOLD OUT!
Featuring Mike Meginnis, Heather Fowler, Cooper Renner, Kathleen Rooney, John Minichillo, and more!

GLASSLAND by Jessica Poli
(winner of the jmww Poetry Chapbook Contest) $10.00 USD–SOLD OUT!

DROUGHT by M.L. Brown
(inaugural winner of the Claudia Emerson Poetry Chapbook Qward–SOLD OUT!)

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